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We are pleased to welcome you to Marseille for the fourth Annual Brain Metastases Research and Emerging Therapy Conference.

Last year's successful edition encouraged us to once again organize this conference.

This year, the EORTC Brain Metastasis platform has also invited the RTOG BM task force and the EANS tumor section board to foster international collaboration in the field.

This EORTC initiative brings the multidisciplinary approach needed to develop brain metastases projects across several tumor types and disciplines such as breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, imaging, pathobiology and radiation oncology. It is expected that this cross-sectional platform will stimulate innovative and insightful research in a collaborative environment and improve the standard of care and methodology of clinical research.

Highlighted topics will cover new model of Academia-Industry partnership and biobanking strategies in BM to enhance personalized medicine strategies in this growing area of interest within the domain of oncology.

Together, the EORTC, Canceropole PACA, GRPCMac, RTOG BM task force and EANS have decided to jointly organize the "Annual Brain Metastases Research and Emerging Therapy Conference" which will be held under the auspice of the EORTC. The organizing committee hopes that this meeting will provide an exceptional opportunity for you to share your collective expertise ranging from basic science to new treatments in order to facilitate ongoing studies and lay the foundation for future collaborative projects.

Scientific Committee
For Cancéropôle PACA
Ch. Chabannon, D. Figarella & P. Metellus, FR
Z. Ram, IL, M. Westphal, DE & P. Metellus, FR
For EORTC BM Platform
D. Cameron, UK, L. Collette, BE, F. Dhermain, FR, R. Dummer, CH, J. Jassem, PL, M. Klein, NL, E. Le Rhun, FR,
S. Marreaud, BE, P. Métellus, FR, E.C. Moser, POR, G. Noel, FR, M. Preusser, AU, JC. Tonn, DE, M. Van den Bent, NL,
W. Wick, DE & F. Winkler, DE
For EORTC Radiation Oncology Group
Brigitta Baumert, NL
P. Metellus & A.Tallet, FR
M. Mehta & M. Ahluwalia, USA
R. Hewitt, UK
Main topics
- Basic Science & Translational Research Perspectives
- Innovative Trial Concepts
- Integrated Targeted Therapies Strategies
- Neuroimaging endpoints in clinical trials
- Neurocognition and QoL Assessment
- Selected oral presentations
- Biobanking and biomarkers screening
Meet the best world known specialists of Brain Metastases!
The scientific program is available online here!
Registration Fees
- Surgeon, physician: 150 €
- EORTC & GRPCMaC Member: 100 €
- Resident & student: FREE
- Convivial Dinner (Friday September 19, 2014): 50 €
Call for abstracts
Deadline: July 19th, 2014
Send your abstract to:
Posters and oral communications
The best oral communication will be awarded with a 500€ prize and so will be the best poster.
The prizes will be given during the dinner on Friday September 19th 2014.

Young Investigator Travel Grant
The Young Investigator Travel Grant is awarded to the three top Young Investigators who are selected to present an oral or plenary poster presentation at the Brain Mets Annual Meeting. Young Investigator Travel Grant recipients will receive € 600 (USA), € 600 (ASIA) & € 300 (Europe) to support travel to the Meeting.
These grants will be officially announced and given during the dinner on Friday September 19th 2014.

Eligible applicants must:
- Be the first and presenting author of the abstract
- Be a student/trainee or within five years of completion of a PhD., M.D., residency training or equivalent.
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