The aim of this workshop is to gather specialists of High Content/Throughput Screening (HCS/ HTS) working at the interface of cell biology with clinical scenario. The recent explosion of gene editing tools probably announces an even bigger explosion of such large scale approaches. Such screens require all kinds of tools and know how to be correctly interpreted. This workshop will represent a unique opportunity to meet cutting edge specialists that will expose novel advances in cell-based assay developments, data analysis and data sharing initiatives to use the knowledge issued from these approaches to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Scientific Committee

Philippe Benaroch, Institut Curie Group Leader, Intracellular transport and immunity
Jacques Camonis, Institut Curie Group Leader, Analysis of Transduction Pathways (ATP)
Elaine Del Nery, Institut Curie Platform Manager, BioPhenics Hight Content Screening platform
Franck Perez, Institut Curie Group Leader, Dynamics of intra-cellular organisation

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Students : 110 €
Researcher : 180 €
Industrial : 300 €

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