Dear participants and partners,

The meeting will be focused on the need of acceleration of Pharmacogenomics and Theranostics clinical implementation based on the work of different groups of partners: clinicians, academics, pharmacologists, laboratory medicine specialists, pharmacists, industrial companies and patients. 5 scientific sessions are in the preparative phase and we have space for additional oral presentations reserved to the first arriving abstracts. Cellular models including Stem Cells are very useful and will complete the systems biology/systems medicine approach. A series of workshops are planified for showing the latest innovations on the tools necessary for the development of Pharmacogenomics.

Please send as soon as possible your abstract propositions. 12 of them will be selected for oral presentations and two awards will be attributed for the best poster presentation.

  Gérard Siest
Chairman of the Congress
Scientific Committee (to be completed):
Gérard Siest
Rui Medeiros
Bohuslav Melichar
Ron Van Schaik
Carolino Monteiro

Joao Queiroz
Roland Bühlmann
Urs A. Meyer
Peter Meier-Abt

Peter Fitzgerald
Helder Mota Filipe
Angela Brand
Carlo Alberto Fontes
Local Organizing committee (to be completed):
Mafalda Bourbon
Carolino Monteiro
Sara Torgal
Luis Santos Silva
Congress Venue:
INFARMED - Parque de Saúde de Lisboa
Avenida do Brasil, 53
1749-004 Lisboa - Portugal
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